Nostalgia Therapy is a practice that involves mindfully listening to music from a time you didn’t live through to transcend present reality and exercise the imagination.

The intersection where music, time and imagination meet, Nostalgia Therapy bucks the traditional stereotype of music as meditation: rain sticks, flute, and ocean sounds. Instead, the senses are stimulated by the melodies, styles, lyrics, and rhythms that colored and created a different time and place. Through a guided meditation, we are encouraged to imagine ourselves there, imagine ourselves timeless. The effect is a transformation of our perception of ‘the past’ from an immovable sequence of events into a malleable and immersive fantasy. 

Nostalgia Therapy teaches you how to inhabit the music you listen to on a deeper level in order to shift your consciousness and excavate creativity.

At the moment, Jonathan facilitates the practice in small groups. It’s perfect for dinner parties, for brainstorm sessions in the workplace, and in other scenarios where participants might benefit from a mind opening journey or creative shift.