Jonathan has written and collaborated on several plays, screenplays and short films. He writes on music and nostalgia and their effect on imagination and the creative process. He can also be hired to consult on film scores and soundtracks. His period expertise covers Twentieth Century music from the 1920s through the 1970s.

Jonathan regularly teaches and lectures on the subject of music as a catalyst for imagination, meditation and rejuvenation. His courses can help you learn how to mindfully listen to music from a time before you existed in order to transcend reality and mine creativity. Some lecture subjects include:

  • “Nostalgia Therapy: Music, Time Travel and the Human Imagination”
  • “Inspired by a Song: Music as the Creative Catalyst”
  • “Mining the Music Video in your Head”
  • “Music is the Drug!: The Intangible Mind-Alterer”

Through his multimedia series ‘Inspired by a Song,’ Jonathan frequently collaborates with artists, writers and other practitioners to develop brand new creations inspired by vintage music presented for an audience.  Created works encompass literature, short films, theater and dance spectacles.     

Upcoming Events

"Nostalgia Research"
Sunday, September 27th
Astoria Park Shore Fest
Shore Boulevard 
Queens, New York

"Nostalgia Research"
 Saturday, August 29th
Chesterfield, New Hampshire

"Nostalgia Research"
Sunday, August 16th
Fort Greene Park 
Brooklyn, New York

"Nostalgia Research"
Thursday, August 13th
Fourth Arts Block

New York, New York